Cold Weather Purchasing

As winter rolls in we asked consumers for feedback on how they keep warm in the cold. We also asked how eco issues factor into purchasing decisions, and how inclined they are to purchase used gear and to shop at consignment shops. Ninety-five percent say they’d consider buying used gear.

Consumers Cast Their Vote

This election season, we asked consumers to cast their vote… about outdoor brands, retailers, technologies, trends, gamechangers and more. As brands and retailers become more bold in stating their political stances, we asked consumers how they felt about political branding.

August 2018
Shopping Habits of The Outdoor Consumer

It’s likely not a surprise that brands are important to outdoor consumers. They buy brands that perform and that have name recognition. But that’s only part of the picture.

July 2018
Why They Buy What They Buy?

Cracking the code of why some consumers prefer to shop online and others prefer to shop in-store is  top priority for retailers. As the results of our latest outdoor consumer survey reveal, several factors play a part.

February 2018
Textile Technologies and Material Brands

Consumers are willing to pay more for branded materials, yet the name brand of the product holds more sway when it comes to overall performance, and at the same time price carries the most weight when it comes to the final purchasing decision.