Consumers Cast Their Vote

This election season, we asked consumers to cast their vote… about outdoor brands, retailers, technologies, trends, gamechangers and more. As brands and retailers become more bold in stating their political stances, we asked consumers how they felt about political branding.

September / October 2018
Sustainability Influences Shopping Behaviors

Slowly but surely sustainability is influencing not only what shoppers buy but also how much they are willing to pay for a product made with eco-friendly fabrics. In years past, consumers have expressed interest in “green” goods...

July / August 2018
How Active Outdoor Explorers Shop

An important element of today’s active lifestyle is adventure travel, with destination getaways focused on fitness and cultural experiences. Packing decisions for weekend breakaways as well trips for longer durations focus on items that go the distance in terms of versatility...

May / June 2018
How Tech & Fashion Impact Fabric Choices

Consumers want active lifestyle items that perform well and look good. To keep pace with that demand, two important trends are currently driving product innovation: Wearable “smart” fabrications that offer added functionality are a key driver...

March / April 2018
How (And Where) Goods Are Made

Consumers are increasingly aware that the jacket they wear for outdoor adventures may have a direct impact on the future of that environment. The contemporary “think before you buy” attitude is reflected in our survey.