July/August 2021
All In the Family Outdoor Rec

With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the pandemic, awareness of sun protection is a focus. The majority of survey takers seek out both materials with SPF tech and lotions when participating in water sports, although lotions remain far more popular than textile treatments as a sun protective go-to.

New Outlook EmergesOn Exercise RoutinesAnd Material Choices

Establishing new exercise routines during Covid not only helped individuals stay fit, this trend also heightened awareness of how material choices enhance workout wear as well as casual clothing.

Brand Transparency in Buying Decision Making

The biggest takeaway from this month’s survey is the hunger consumers have for information about the products they buy and the materials used to make these products. This is despite respondents already being loyal label-readers and willing participants in scrolling social media and brand websites to gain additional knowledge.

January / FEBRUARY 2021
How Consumers Stay Fit in the Age of COVID

While the pandemic has put a hold on many positive aspects of everyday life, exercise is an exception. Trying a new sport, purchasing new gear and making face coverings a new part of an activewear wardrobe emerged as key aspects of the 2020 COVID-19 experience.

Tracking Eco-Aware Shopping Behavior

It is safe to say that sustainability has surpassed being a trend to achieve lifestyle status. Based on the survey results presented here, it’s clear that today’s shoppers are more eco-aware than ever. Respondents rate eco-materials “very important” in buying decisions of both apparel and footwear and say they are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

Textile Technology Resonates with Today’s Shoppers

Over 80 percent of survey takers acknowledge that they specifically seek out garments made with multi-functional fabrics, and upwards of a third of respondents reported wardrobes built around garments that transition from sport to street.

MAY / JUNE 2020
Purchasing Priorities for Post-Pandemic Shopping

Consumers are saying “yes” to tech, are keen on natural, eco-friendly fibers and are likely to seek Made-in-USA apparel. These are among the purchasing priorities that may shape consumers’ buying habits going forward as COVID-19 restrictions lift and individuals resume shopping routines.

Where Products Are Made & How That Impacts Buying

While an interest in product origin and the technology that “powers” product performance remain key factors in consumer purchasing decision-making these days, the overall level of interest in where something is made has not wavered significantly in recent years, according to our latest consumer survey.

Winter Workout Wardrobe Textiles

Consumers are sticking with the tried and true when it comes to dressing for the elements this season. Across the board our survey results show that “weather protection,” “layering,” and a “waterproof/breathable shell” are what counts most for today’s active outdoor individuals.

Trends & Technologies that Influence

Bring on the seaweed and pineapple leaves! Interest in new eco-conscious textiles is on the rise with survey participants willing to make more room for natural fibers in their workout wardrobes. For example, 59 percent of respondents said they would “very likely” consider purchasing alternative plant-based materials that help mitigate ocean plastics pollution.

September / october 2019
Sustainability Influencing Purchase Decisions

It’s obvious that respondents to this months Survey are taking conscious consumerism to heart and shopping more mindfully when it comes to sustainability. Looking at year-over-year results in the charts on the following pages shows that today’s shopper’s are not only willing to purchase goods made with eco-materials but also pay a higher price for these items.

July / August 2019
How Performance And Fashion Impact Purchases

Convenience, longevity and a dose of wellness are the ticket when it comes to wardrobe choices based on this month’s survey results. Performance textiles touted as multi-functional and durable are top of mind for our consumer respondents, who also show enthusiasm for apparel made with textiles that offer attributes such as skin care.

May / June 2019
Getting Personal With Performance

Customization is a huge industry trend, however shopper interest in purchasing “customized” items, and/or making their clothing and footwear unique in some manner, is borderline “enthusiastic;” 51 percent were very interested in “customized” product; just 39 percent would take advantage of an opportunity to embellish or personalize product.

Making Purchases Mindfully

Consumer curiosity on where and how products are manufactured is ushering in new purchasing habits based on heightened social awareness combined with a desire to practice a more sustainable lifestyle. Evidence of this trend is reflected clearly in the relevancy of shopping locally.

Cold Weather Purchasing

As winter rolls in we asked consumers for feedback on how they keep warm in the cold. Education around next-to-skin performance fabrics is paying off at the cash register with respondents reporting that base layer is a key layer in their cold-weather wardrobe.

Consumers Cast Their Vote

This election season, we asked consumers to cast their vote… about outdoor brands, retailers, technologies, trends, gamechangers and more. As brands and retailers become more bold in stating their political stances, we asked consumers how they felt about political branding.

July / August 2018
How Active Outdoor Explorers Shop

An important element of today’s active lifestyle is adventure travel, with destination getaways focused on fitness and cultural experiences. Packing decisions for weekend breakaways as well trips for longer durations focus on items that go the distance in terms of versatility...

September / October 2018
Sustainability Influences Shopping Behaviors

Slowly but surely sustainability is influencing not only what shoppers buy but also how much they are willing to pay for a product made with eco-friendly fabrics. In years past, consumers have expressed interest in “green” goods...

May / June 2018
How Tech & Fashion Impact Fabric Choices

Consumers want active lifestyle items that perform well and look good. To keep pace with that demand, two important trends are currently driving product innovation: Wearable “smart” fabrications that offer added functionality are a key driver...

March / April 2018
How (And Where) Goods Are Made

Consumers are increasingly aware that the jacket they wear for outdoor adventures may have a direct impact on the future of that environment. The contemporary “think before you buy” attitude is reflected in our survey.