Latest Consumer Surveys
Trend Insight Consumer is a feature within Formula4 Media Publications that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform. MESH01 collects data from a select panel of enthusiasts.

Footwear Insight - September / October 2019
Customers Are All About Price

Shoppers are price driven — no news there. But even in a world that puts a premium on price, brick-and-mortar independents have some big advantages when it comes to wooing shoppers. While 59 percent of respondents in our survey admitted they’d tried on a shoe in store and left to purchase it online elsewhere, many respondents said they sought out brick-and-mortar stores for their expertise.

Textile Insight - September / October 2019
Sustainability Influencing Purchase Decisions

It’s obvious that respondents to this months Survey are taking conscious consumerism to heart and shopping more mindfully when it comes to sustainability. Looking at year-over-year results in the charts on the following pages shows that today’s shopper’s are not only willing to purchase goods made with eco-materials but also pay a higher price for these items.

Sports Insight - March / April 2019
Consumers & The Retail Experience

How consumers decide what to buy and where to buy it is the focus of the research. We asked them about a variety of topics, ranging from online reviews and retailers’ social media presence to how much they think same-day delivery should cost and whether they “require” a discount in order to buy a product in a store.

Outdoor Insight - JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2019
Cold Weather Purchasing

As winter rolls in we asked consumers for feedback on how they keep warm in the cold. We also asked how eco issues factor into purchasing decisions, and how inclined they are to purchase used gear and to shop at consignment shops. Ninety-five percent say they’d consider buying used gear.

SPORTSTYLE - Spring 2017
Key Take Aways - Sports & Footwear Apparel

Style is important to consumers, but make no mistake, when it comes to active apparel and footwear, performance is exceedingly important, too. And when consumers buy activity-specific footwear, they are planning to wear it for both casual and athletic purposes.