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Published in the August 2021 Issue
With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the past pandemic-impacted year-plus, we decided to ask active/outdoorsy consumers about their family activities and purchases. Of those surveyed, 71% told us they added family fitness activities to their routines during the pandemic, with 76% saying these new activities are either likely or very likely to become a regular part of their family’s lifestyle.

What type of expectations do these consumers have for family-oriented outdoor gear purchases? Seventy-two percent say they expect the price for their children’s  products to be less than it is for adults. Sixty-four percent are more likely to buy product for kids if the brand also makes products for adults, and 77% say their children have “some input” on what outdoor product is ultimately purchased. And when it comes to sun protection, 59% of consumers surveyed said they rely on SPF protection in both lotions AND fabric.

278 respondents, male and female.
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Does the hang tag information or product care label effect your purchasing decision in anyway?

YES / 61%

“The hang tags explain some of the key components in the garment.”  Male / 25

“Sometimes an outside label is modern and fun. Also, the care needs to be clear as my children and husband also do the wash. If a product will be ruined in the dryer, the tag NEEDS to be clear.” Female / 42

“It helps provide information on what is unique about the product and helps in comparison shopping.” Female / 35

“It tells me if it would work for my sport.” Male / 18

“Knowing the material or mix of materials is important to me - how it is going to feel on my skin, how it needs to be washed, etc.”  Male / 44

“If it’s hard to clean it’s not something I want to buy.” Female / 19

“Different brands often have different brand names for very similar technology used by other brands. I look at the hang tags to try to understand the specific brand technology and what it provides.” Male / 40

“It does affect my decision if it’s a brand I’m not familiar with. Just like every product these days, consumers like to know the story.” Female / 40

“It helps me determine if there’s ‘more than meets the eye’ to this product, such as additional features that I should be aware of.”  Male / 39

“I always look at laundering and content.” Female / 27

“I am more likely to buy something with Gore-Tex, that is waterproof, and well lined but I do not look at the care label before buying.” Female / 29

“I want something that meets my expectations.” Female / 38

“I like to know the sourcing of the garments and how it washes. If it’s too hard, then I won’t buy.” Male / 28

NO / 39%

“I usually read the label to make sure I’m caring for the garment properly.” Female / 30

“I have done my research prior to purchasing the garments. However, I do appreciate the tags confirming my decision and the company taking pride in their product.” Male / 38

“If it’s good quality I’ll take care of it the way it needs to be taken care of so it doesn’t matter.” Female / 36

“I don’t care what the tag says.”  Male / 27

“I don’t read it. Usually I think it is for gimmicks. If I’m at a store I’ll talk to someone.” Male / 32

“It doesn’t affect what I buy. I can figure it out either way.”  Female / 28

“It usually doesn’t provide all the info I look for when making a purchase.” Female / 28

“I’ve never had a tag change my mind or make me think about buying or not buying. Don’t think I even look at tags before purchasing.” Female / 36

“I buy online.” Male / 38

“These clothes are going to be beaten on the outside. The washing machine is the least of my concerns.” Male / 41

“I look at it before purchasing, but good gear is worth the time needed to care for it.” Male / 23


Has the issue of “animal cruelty” prevented you
purchasing a down jacket?

YES / 16%

“It certainly doesn’t help but I generally avoid down for other reasons. I do appreciate Patagonia’s commitment to this issue, though.” Male / 41

“I don’t want animals to be harmed for me to have winterwear.” Female / 33

“Animal cruelty and child labor are big issues in the clothing industry. I don’t want to support companies who use either.” Female / 19

“It has made me more hesitant to buy a down jacket in recent years.” Female / 27

“Extracting feathers from birds is antiquated, unnecessary, cruel, and repulsive. I will never buy a down jacket for myself or any family/friends.” Male / 30

“I’ve always purchased down jackets from good brands that are against that, so I hope not. But you can’t be sure.”  Female / 45

“Yes!” Female / 49

“I’ve thought about researching where the feathers come
from prior to my next purchase.” Female / 57

NO / 77%

“Saving all the animals has never been where my concerns lie.” Female / 32

“I didn’t think about it when I got my down jacket.” Male / 23

“I buy down gear from places that only use cruelty-free down.” Female / 26

“Once, I read a poem called ‘All God’s Creatures Have a Job to Do.” Male / 31

“No, but I’m glad you can buy recycled down now.” Female / 29

“I am unaware of animal cruelty with down.” Female / 49

“Quality gear is still quality gear at the end of the day.” Male / 31

“I have never owned a jacket that used to be an animal. I don’t have a problem with people who choose to own them so long as the practice of taking those animals is done responsibly.” Male / 33

“I never made the connection to that and down before now.” Male / 38

“I’d like to know more. It could be a factor in my future purchasing choices.” Female / 54