Latest Consumer Surveys
Trend Insight Consumer is a feature of Formula4 Media Publications that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform. MESH01 collects data from a select panel of enthusiasts providing insight on all things sports, apparel and footwear related. Including shopping experiences and what influences consumer purchasing decisions.

Textile Insight - JULY/AUGUST 2021
All In The Family Outdoor Rec

With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the pandemic, awareness of sun protection is a focus. The majority of survey takers seek out both materials with SPF tech and lotions when participating in water sports, although lotions remain far more popular than textile treatments as a sun protective go-to.

A Look at Consumer Shopping Behavior

Where do consumers prefer to shop for their footwear? What are their expectations in-store? What is on their current footwear shopping list? These are just a few of the topics we tackled in our latest consumer survey. While 45% percent of consumers told us they most frequently shop online for footwear, 42% reported that footwear specialty chains were their stores of choice.

Outdoor Insight - AUGUST 2021
Families Are Spending More Time Outdoors

With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the past pandemic-impacted year-plus, we decided to ask active/outdoorsy consumers about their family activities and purchases. 71% told us they added family fitness activities to their routines during the pandemic, with 76% saying these new activities are either likely or very likely to become a regular part of their family’s lifestyle.