On your mark, get set, go! We surveyed more than 350 consumers who identify themselves as active runners, and not only did we learn that the majority intend to run as much or more this year as they did last year, but they also have strong ideas about what running-related products they intend to purchase, and why. One stat that jumped off the page: 97 percent of survey respondents told us that socks are at least somewhat or very important to their running experience, and 74 percent said that insoles are somewhat or very important, too. And when it comes to run safety gear, 79 percent of respondents said that they would appreciate a sales associate recommending a safety product to them. As far as in-store shopping habits, it’s interesting to note that  47 percent said they prefer to buy their running shoes and apparel in a store, while 46 percent said they prefer to buy online and have it shipped to them.

The survey, conducted by MESH01, included 350 respondents, men and women, ages 18 to 60 who identify themselves as active runners.

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