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What does running safely mean to you today?

Reflective gear mostly. Bringing a phone in case of an accident. Male 47

Staying off busy roads, avoiding cars, people and dogs. In the daylight with my phone.
Female 29

For me running safely means being outside and not in a gym on a treadmill. I take precautions to avoid becoming overheated and always let my partner know the route that I am taking and my anticipated return time. As a woman, I would never go running alone at night, even with safety gear.  Female 39

Being a smart runner with traffic. The runner has a duty to watch for cars and avoid them. Male 22

I do always carry a pepper spray, but I have never been in a situation where it was needed. I make sure to wear reflective clothing if I know it will be getting dark while I’m out for a run. It is also important to wear properly fitting shoes to stay safe by avoiding injury.  Female 35

Letting someone know where I’m planning to run, letting them know of any major changes to my plan. Carrying some means of defense (pepper spray), having thought through how to act in case of an encounter with a dangerous person, and preferably knowing basic safe defense. Not running with loud music in the dark, and not running with buds in both ears. Wearing visible apparel or accessories, and adding light in the dark such as a headlamp or feet lights.  Also, since this is Florida, staying away from the wetlands at dusk during alligator mating season.  Female 41

Making sure I have a charged phone, making sure people know where I am and my GPS tracker is on, and wearing the appropriate clothing to let people know I’m out there.  Female 33

Wearing appropriate clothes and footwear. Running in safe public areas, whilst maintaining appropriate social distances.  Female 32

Not tripping or being hit by cars.  Male 32

It means paying attention to the weather conditions, who is around me and where I choose to run. Female 30

Running safely means choosing apparel and shoes that are effective and comfortable. It is important my shoes work with my stride rather than against to prevent injuries. It’s also important to use reflective lights when running at night and warm clothing when the temperature begin to drop.  Female 24

Running safely is being able to run without fear of encountering problems. It means being visible for others around you to prevent collisions. Its also protecting your body from overuse harm.  Male 26

Carrying mace, letting spouse know my route, lights in the dark.  Female 47

For me it means being visible when near traffic areas, having the ability to call for help should I be injured during a trail run, and running in groups when possible.  Male 39

Wearing orange for hunting season.  
Female 33

My cat not jumping on my treadmill while I am using it.  Female 25

Be aware of your surroundings. Be ready for everything just in case. Pay attention to all vehicles and animals.  Female 35

Right equipment, being aware of your surroundings, running buddy at a distance of 6+ft, running outside and avoiding gym and enclosed areas.  Female 32

Lights at night.  Male 32

If road running: It means running without headphones/music, being aware of traffic/surroundings, and now that it’s fall/winter I run with a headlamp.  If trail running: I wear an ankle brace, appropriate shoes, I make sure I know where I’m going, and during winter I sometimes bring micro-spikes for snow/ice.  Male 41

Making sure I’m visible, that my husband knows I’m out running and where I’m going, how long I should be gone. I pay attention to my surroundings and I run routes I’m familiar with.  Female 27

Anywhere there is a trail, sidewalk or track is safe enough for me.  Male 44

Running in open air with few people on non-trafficked roads and trails. Female 60

Not getting hit or bit.  Male 35

Headphones low to hear car/people, pepper spray and reflective gear/lights for running at night/dusk. Female 30

Being seen in the dark is 100% my biggest concern. Male 33

Altering the time and the course I run as the seasons change so I can be safe by running where there is other foot traffic, safe roads, good lighting, and safe conditions. Female 40

Running safely includes being able to comfortably exercise through the streets without worrying about any harmful objects, threats or violence towards me. It means that I am able to freely enjoy the scenery while getting my workout in.  Male 30

The right kind of running shoes as well as running form is important. I make sure my shoes fit well and are customized to my personal gait. I also stay safe by being aware on the road while running. If I run at night or in the morning hours, I make sure to wear something bright or reflective so cars and bikes see me from far away.  Female 35

Being alert and being seen. Female 31

6 feet apart, no group runs.  Male 27

Reflective gear and near houses for safety.  Female 42

It’s important to stay alert while running outdoors. Don’t wear headphones or earbuds or anything else that might make you less aware of your surroundings. Staying safe while running involves the same common sense used to stay safe anywhere else, like avoiding parked cars and dark areas, and taking note of who is behind you and ahead of you.  Female 25

Come home in one piece.  Male 34


How important is a “Made In America” product label in your decision making process?


“I prefer to buy American but knowing that many products are sourced elsewhere and only assembled in the US has decreased my interest in shopping this way.” Male / 30

“Love to support local companies, but not a decisive factor in my decision-making.” Male / 28

“If it is comparably priced to a product that isn’t made in USA, I’ll pick the one made in USA.”
Female / 36

“While Made in America is nice to know, price is also important.” Female / 37

“More importantly would be what state it is made in. Made in America feels quite general.” Male / 27

“It is more important when purchasing items online. If I can determine quality (and fit) for a product in a brick-and-mortar store, where it is made does not matter.” Female / 45

“The assumption is a USA made product will be quality but that does not always hold true.” Male / 28

“As long as the company treats their employees fair, it doesn’t matter what country it comes from.” Female / 30

“I generally do not think about where a product is made before grabbing it, but if I happen to notice two products side-by-side and one clearly states that it’s made in the USA, I’ll get that one, depending on the price difference.” Male / 27


“I prefer Made in America to help our own economy grow and because I believe our quality is second to none.” Male / 31

“It will be the decider between two similar items.” Male / 18

Because we make a good quality products Female / 39

“I enjoy most when a product is made here in the U.S. We have all the resources and talent.” Male / 38

“Giving back to American is very important to me.” Female / 38


“There is no clear benefit to ‘Made in America’where product quality is concerned, and price is usually higher regardless.” Male / 32

“I’m more concerned about the brand than where it’s made.” Female / 37

“Things made in America are usually more expensive and not always better quality.” Female / 29

“Great quality products are made [all over] the world. I would love to keep the money in the American economy because I live here but it would not affect my decision to purchase a product.” Male / 31


Do you relate the concern about plastics to your wardrobe products made with polyester?

YES / 34%

“I recently washed a sweater then dried it by mistake. The way it feels and ‘sounds’ makes me wonder what it really is!” Female / 49

“Natural items sound better.” Female / 56

“I do know this is a bi-product, but its synthetic nature outweighs the plastic concern.” Male / 38

“I worry about toxins in all areas of the environment, including my clothes!” Female / 48

“I try and limit plastics both in my housewares and my clothing (like polyester) as they can harm sea-life.” Male / 31

NO / 66%

“I’ve never thought of this before. I think I should.” Female / 41

“I had not considered that before, but it’s a good point that probably gets overlooked due to water bottles and grocery bags getting most of the press.” Male / 30

“I hadn’t thought about clothing being part of the growing plastic accumulation on our planet.” Male / 41

“I haven’t yet, however after reading this question I will be.” Female / 38

“I never really thought about plastic being in polyester. That’s a really great question.” Male / 29

“I’ve never really thought about that to be honest since polyester is so ingrained in the outdoor community.  This is something I’m going to have to research more.” Male / 42