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What will be your determining factor on when you plan to visit your favorite stores?

“If I need something.” Female, 43

“When schools reopen.” Female, 25

“After I see that other people have been out and are doing OK.” Female, 46

“When the crowds thin out a bit.” Male, 31

“When I have a specific need, as opposed to just the ability to go there.” Female, 34

“I have online shopped, but I will give it a week to see if there are any flareups before I begin to shop in store again. I won’t bring my child, though.” Female, 39

“Level of disposable income and job security.” Male, 50

“When it’s safe and what the deals are that are offered.” Male, 36

“When they reopen, I’ll be there.” Female, 36

“If I can gather the money needed for purchases after coronavirus-related financial costs.” Male, 20

“I’ll give the stores time to get things cleaned and ready for the shoppers.” Female, 43

“As long as the restrictions are lifted and I have the go-ahead to leave my home without getting sick or in trouble, there’s nothing stopping this gal.” Female,28

“Number of customers in their store.” Male, 51

“As long as there is not another surge in the new cases.” Female, 38

“When my need for an item outweighs the stress of shopping. I’m definitely avoiding the rush of people. It was bad when this all started, and I assume it will be even worse when people are allowed todo what they want again. I do have wants and needs, but it’s not worth the stress of heavy crowds.” Female, 27

“When stay-at-home orders are lifted. I will still wear a mask and bring sanitizer as a safety precaution.” Female, 42

“I’ll probably visit Day 1.” Female, 28“Weather, boredom, sales.” Female, 34

“Money.” Female, 47

“How busy the stores are and if there will be long wait times.” Male, 37

“Cases get down to 0, robust testing in place, vaccine developed and deployed.” Male, 43

“Store traffic will likely determine when I venture out to stores. I will plan to start visiting stores once initial store traffic dies down.” Female, 29

“If they require you to wait in line before you can enter the store.” Male,28

“Time and news reports from expert medical advisors.” Female, 56

“Ensuring that they’ll be open for business and understanding the hours of operation.” Male, 31

“Money and how busy it is.” Female, 22

“I don’t want to go out at the same time as everyone else because I feel like stores/restaurants/bars are going to be swamped.” Female, 26

“Just let me know when the doors open.I will form a line!” Female, 29

“Money. But I’m still working, so I shall shop.” Female, 59

“Not too crowded.” Female, 18

“How much money I have and where the sales are.” Female, 38

“When my regular stores are back doing business as usual.” Male, 62

“When it seems safe both from anecdotal evidence and the media — at least, this is what I assume. I may just take a gamble on fit and purchase online, but I’d rather try before I buy.” Male, 35

“As soon as it’s safe to support the local stores who hopefully will weather this pandemic.” Female, 49


How important is a “Made In America” product label in your decision making process?


“I prefer to buy American but knowing that many products are sourced elsewhere and only assembled in the US has decreased my interest in shopping this way.” Male / 30

“Love to support local companies, but not a decisive factor in my decision-making.” Male / 28

“If it is comparably priced to a product that isn’t made in USA, I’ll pick the one made in USA.”
Female / 36

“While Made in America is nice to know, price is also important.” Female / 37

“More importantly would be what state it is made in. Made in America feels quite general.” Male / 27

“It is more important when purchasing items online. If I can determine quality (and fit) for a product in a brick-and-mortar store, where it is made does not matter.” Female / 45

“The assumption is a USA made product will be quality but that does not always hold true.” Male / 28

“As long as the company treats their employees fair, it doesn’t matter what country it comes from.” Female / 30

“I generally do not think about where a product is made before grabbing it, but if I happen to notice two products side-by-side and one clearly states that it’s made in the USA, I’ll get that one, depending on the price difference.” Male / 27


“I prefer Made in America to help our own economy grow and because I believe our quality is second to none.” Male / 31

“It will be the decider between two similar items.” Male / 18

Because we make a good quality products Female / 39

“I enjoy most when a product is made here in the U.S. We have all the resources and talent.” Male / 38

“Giving back to American is very important to me.” Female / 38


“There is no clear benefit to ‘Made in America’where product quality is concerned, and price is usually higher regardless.” Male / 32

“I’m more concerned about the brand than where it’s made.” Female / 37

“Things made in America are usually more expensive and not always better quality.” Female / 29

“Great quality products are made [all over] the world. I would love to keep the money in the American economy because I live here but it would not affect my decision to purchase a product.” Male / 31


Do you relate the concern about plastics to your wardrobe products made with polyester?

YES / 34%

“I recently washed a sweater then dried it by mistake. The way it feels and ‘sounds’ makes me wonder what it really is!” Female / 49

“Natural items sound better.” Female / 56

“I do know this is a bi-product, but its synthetic nature outweighs the plastic concern.” Male / 38

“I worry about toxins in all areas of the environment, including my clothes!” Female / 48

“I try and limit plastics both in my housewares and my clothing (like polyester) as they can harm sea-life.” Male / 31

NO / 66%

“I’ve never thought of this before. I think I should.” Female / 41

“I had not considered that before, but it’s a good point that probably gets overlooked due to water bottles and grocery bags getting most of the press.” Male / 30

“I hadn’t thought about clothing being part of the growing plastic accumulation on our planet.” Male / 41

“I haven’t yet, however after reading this question I will be.” Female / 38

“I never really thought about plastic being in polyester. That’s a really great question.” Male / 29

“I’ve never really thought about that to be honest since polyester is so ingrained in the outdoor community.  This is something I’m going to have to research more.” Male / 42