When it comes to performance and sport footwear, the conventional wisdom is that the majority of consumers rarely — or even never — use what they buy for its intended purpose. And with the rise of athleisure, the blurring of the line between what’s performance and what’s just great gear for everyday life has only accelerated. So we went right to the source, and asked active consumers between the ages of 18 and 55 how they buy their performance gear — and how they use it. And the results were illuminating. The majority (63 percent) of respondents said they wore their performance footwear apparel equally for leisure as they did for sport, with 31 percent saying they kept their performance gear sport-specific (and only 6 percent saying they wore it primarily for non-sports activities.) But even if people are making active-ready gear part of their everyday, they’re looking for the real thing: 81 percent of respondents said the brands they purchase are performance based.  

144 respondents, male and female.