The end of the year brings jingling bells — and hopefully ringing cash registers to retailers across the country. But when consumers are bombarded with Black Friday ads from all sides starting the day afterHalloween, it can be hard to know what actually brings shoppers through the doors. So we asked: MESH01 surveyed 240 consumers ages 18 to 59, with an average age of 38, to hear directly from the source where they’re shopping,what piques their interest and what they have on their lists this season.
Here are our four takeaways:

1.  They’ve already started shopping.
While 47 percent of our survey respondents kick off their holiday buying inNovember, 34 percent have already started, in either October or even September.

2.  Yes, they are looking for shoes.
Fully 80 percent of the shoppers surveyed planned to buy footwear this season —for a gift or for themselves.

3.  They’re interested in discounts — but not just discounts.
While no one can deny the appeal of the door busters that have made Black Friday so infamous, it’s not the only thing shoppers said would draw them in: Gifts with purchase, in-store parties or events, and charitable initiatives all were flagged by significant numbers of shoppers as enticements they’d be interested in seeing.

4. Don’t forget the socks.
Don’t let add-on sales slip away: 72 percent of our respondents said socks figured into their holiday buying plans.

240 respondents, male and female.