Fitness Shoppers Are Looking for Versatility at a Great Price — And They’re Doing Their Research
Shoppers want more than ever from their fitness footwear great looks, the best price out there, and performance features to keep them at the top of their game. And when it comes to those shoes, they’re doing their research — which includes an in-store try-on. Fully 82 percent had researched their last buy, and 38 percent of them said they “virtually always” do.We asked 118 active women and men aged 18 to 59 about what they’re looking for in their fitness shoes, what they use to research their decision, where they buy them, and what keeps them coming back to your stores. We also asked where they’re doing their research, and the answer was clear: they’re checking retail social media. Sixty-two percent of our respondents follow a local retailer on at least one channel. (Facebook, where 56 percent of survery-takers followed a neighborhood shop, was the most popular, followed by Instagram, where 39 percent followed a retailer.)

The survey, conducted by MESH01, included 118 respondents, men and women active in sports and outdoors, ages 18 to 59.
When you’re shopping for footwear for your fitness workouts, what are the attributes that are most likely to clinch the sale?
  1. Price
  2. Versatilty/Usefulness both in and out of gym
  3. Aesthetic/Looks “right”
  4. Technology
Where do you get the information you need about the attributes you selected?
  1. Family footwear chain
  2. Department store
  3. Independent footwear store
  4. Discount chain store
Thinking about the last pair of shoes you bought, was it an impulse buy or a researched buy?
Where was the purchase made?
What percentage of the shoes you buy are a considered/researched purchase?
When you’re researching your decision, how much time do you generally spend gathering information and looking at options?
Do you follow any local retailers on social media?
What is the most likely factor to bring you back into a brick-and-mortar location you have previously bought footwear?