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Inside the Mind of the Footwear Shopper

What do customers really want out of a footwear shopping experience? Where do they buy their shoes and how often do they expect them to last? What does the sit and fit atmosphere mean to shoppers? In our survey of male and female consumers, we found some interesting answers. Nearly 70 percent of respondents have purchased footwear in the past year without trying it on first. Sixty-eight percent admitted to buying a product online after first trying it on in a store. More than half expect casual and athletic footwear to last about one year. When it comes to the retail experience, 62 percent said they like when sales associates show them different colors/options, but less than 30 percent appreciate it when the sales associates suggest accessory options. How important is the sit and fit experience and what do shoppers think of the trusted Brannock Device? Turn the page to see some verbatim answers to these questions from our respondents. The panel consisted of 129 Male and Females that wear active wear and casual wear. The activity level of this panel was a broad range from low/moderately active to highly active individuals, with an average age of 36.
The Importance of Eco-Friendly Products
What comfort or technical features are important to you in casual/ nonperformance footwear? (check all that apply)
What is the most important element when buying casual/non-performance footwear?
When you purchase casual/non-performance footwear how long do you expect it to last?
When you purchase performance (athletic or sport specific) footwear, how long do you expect it to last?

When shopping for footwear, how important is the sit and fit experience at the store?

Clothes and footwear made for intentional purposes such as steel toe work boots or wicking shirts.

I think of technical clothing to wear for work.

Construction/yard work. This term always makes me think of non-technical outdoor brands like Timbeland or Carhartts, etc.

Wear that pertains to those who work in the elements, literally.

Rugged toes, knees, rip-stop

Clothing that has cooling technology and uv protection.

Athletic apparel that is work appropriate.

Durable, practical, able to get dirty and wear forever without wearing out.

Comfortable clothes you can wear every day and last.

Issued uniform.

Clothes that you can wear to work, but are comfortable to just wear.

Business casual - cotton polos and khakis

For work workwear means business casual clothes. It Is also for exercise hiking, boating, fishing etc.

Workwear to me includes many of the shirts and pants that I currently own - Patagonia and Kuhl shirts/pants that are comfortable and fashionable enough to wear in the office while bulletproof durability and wicking features allow them to work well at the campsite.

Clothes for working outside.


When shopping for footwear in a store, if a sales associate brought out a brannock device, what would you think?

I would be happy.

Shoes are a very important part of our day so any help in picking what’s right for us is appreciated.

I would hope they know how to properly use it.

I’ve had sales associates fit me with and without a device to the same result (comfortable fitting shoes). I do view the use of a Brannock device as showing me the associate has more experience or technical expertise in their job.They are caring and want to make sure i get the right shoes

I’d be happier.

I would like it.

I generally request it.I don’t need that!

What the hell is a brannock device?

I would be happy to get the perfect fit even though I already
know my shoe size.

I hope that’s not for me.

I would wonder what year I’m in.

Do people still use those?!?

I would be fine with it. I would think they would just like to make sure I was buying a shoe that would properly fit me.

I would think that the sales associate was being thoughtful.

That’s great they want to make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

The sales associate must care about helping me find a comfortable/ appropriate fit.