As the industry turns its focus  to 2021, one thing that seems certain is that runners are going to keep running. In our latest consumer survey, runners tell us how often they run, how often they purchase running gear and what their running and purchasing plans are for the months ahead.Nearly half of our respondents report running 16 times or more per month and 75 percent of these devoted runners say they purchase new running shoes two or more times per year. More than half of respondents expect to pay more than $100 for their running shoes.Sixty-seven percent of our running panel say that socks are “very important” to their running experience. Choice of insoles is deemed “very important” by 36 percent of respondents. The most popular destination for the respondents to buy their performance running shoes is run specialty stores (38 percent). Aside from footwear and apparel, runners tell us their most important running gear includes watches/fitness trackers, headphones/music and sunglasses.As for future plans as the weather gets colder in most parts of the country over the next few months, only 2 percent of those surveyed say they will stop running. And nearly 80 percent indicate that they will purchase or have already purchased items for their cold weather running needs, be it footwear, apparel or accessories.
The survey, conducted by MESH01, included 351 respondents, active and outdoorsy men and women, ages 18 to 60.  

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